Count Down To The
Annual Talon Grey Toy Drive
Planting The Seeds Of Kindness, Compassion And The Life Style Of Living.
A Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Corporation.


Through music and creativity, improve the lives of children and young adults by inspiring kindness and compassion and a lifestyle of giving.

T.O.Y. = The Toy Drive is so much more than just toys. Teach Our Young the joy of giving.


Plantin’ Seeds Corporation is the long-time dream of CEO and Founder, Talon Grey. Talon believes deeply in “planting seeds of kindness and compassion”. Planting Seeds is a non-profit organization that will support the Talon Grey Toy Drive and various other fund raising activities. By using money donated throughout the year to put on a musical event, we are capable of turning a little money into a high number of toys and cash. Short term goal is the 5th Annual Talon Grey Toy Drive that will be held in December, Saturday 12/2015. Long range goals include adding a Music Festival in the spring and other various benefits as the needs arise. Additional long term goal would be acquiring a lot and building a recording studio where artists can record for free when they give us two songs to use on a CD that will generate revenue for other local non-Profits.


As a startup organization, we don't have any paid positions at this time, but please check back periodically. As we build the business we will be hiring additional staff.  


We are always in need and very appreciative of our volunteers. We have the highest need for volunteers in the fall, primarily from about September through December during the planning and carrying out the toy drive. Please use the “Contact Us” link to send us your info if you are interested in being part of the 5th Annual Talon Grey Toy Drive. We can really use your help and you will find it so very rewarding!


We operate on a shoe string budget and put a lot of our own money into the organization so any and all donations, no matter how small are greatly appreciated. They all add up. You can make a donation on line through the donate button below. We accept any credit or debit card, and we will be happy to send you a donation receipt if you request one and provide us your contact info. Please be assured that we will never use your info for any other purpose than sending you a receipt.